Webmaster    16 Mar 2020 : 19:00


SANAA Message to all Members on CoronaVirus


To all Members and other interested parties :-

The SANAA understands and respects the South African Government’s decision on 15 March 2020 with regard to declaration of a State of Disaster following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus and the prohibition of certain gatherings, including certain sporting events

 The decision has therefore been made that the following national tournaments will, until further notice, be postponed to future dates still to be determined.

 2020 SA NATIONAL FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS:                       20  > 22 March 2020

70TH SA NATIONAL TARGET CHAMPIONSHIPS:                 10  > 13 April 2020

SA NATIONAL IFAA INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS:                  25 > 27  April 2020


The Executive will do a full assessment of the calendar and, where possible and practical, attempt to find appropriate dates later in the year for each tournament to take place. If that is not possible and practical, then, unfortunately, the affected event/s will be cancelled completely.

 In what has been a continually evolving and challenging time globally, we recognize that the postponements may come as a disappointment but the welfare of athletes and officials is a priority for the SANAA.