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The most frequently asked questions of 2013

Where do I register for the competition, and is it possible to compete as a visitor.
Where you register for a competition depends on the type of competition. National competitions normally allow you to register online while club and provincial competitions require you to contact the organisers. Tournament organisers require to know what equipment they require to run the event. So, it is always a good idea to preregister. A list of contacts including various cell numbers E-mail addresses are available from the club listening on our website. SANAA encourages non-members to compete so you can complete as a visitor. There may be limitations when you compete as a visitor such as being awarded trophies and cups. A visitors fee, which includes a temporary licence to compete in competition is normally charged.

I am new to archery and want to participate in competitions in 2014. Do I need to be a member of Sanaa to participate? and do I need to belong to a local club? as I do not belong to a club at the moment.
No, you do not need to be a member in order to participate in competitions however, you will be required to pay a visitors fee which gives you a temporary license to shooting competition. Of course, if space is limited on the line preference will be given to members.

Can you help me in finding a basic bow and arrow set to do some social shooting. I will appreciate it if you can recommend a supplier. I don't want to spend a lot of money.
Sorry, we don't supply equipment. What we would recommend, especially as a beginner, is that you contact a local club who will give you an introduction to the sport, providing the equipment that you need. Only after an evaluation by one of our instructors or coaches, will your coach give you a recommendation on what equipment to buy.

Going to give this a try Can please advise as to the format of the tournament i.e distance & how many arrows
Great, we have a program just for you called Give-it-a Go. At this stage you needn't worry about distances and the number of arrows as our instructors will guide you all the way. You can download a copy of the program from the downloads section of our website

I have joined Sanaa for 2014 as of yet still not received mem #.
All our admin functions are done by volunteers passionate about the sport. So it could take a few days before your membership is processed. Normally it was just takes a day or two and your provincial secretary has access to the up-to-date membership lists even if you have not yet received your membership number or card. You can always view the status of your membership from our website by clicking on the members link.

Could you please supply me with my logon details that you have on the system. None of the usernames Or passwords that I think might be on your system work.
This is a tricky question because there are two login areas. The first is your login details to the website where you create the username and password. The second is the members only area where your login name is your membership number and the password is provided to you. You cannot access the members only area unless you're logged into the website. In the case that you're forgotten your user name or password click on the links provided when your login fails and follow the on-screen instructions. Your password will be reset and details will be e-mailed to you. You can also click on this link for more detailed information about retrieving your passwords.

I would like to know where I can find bows to buy in SA, preferably in Pretoria or Johannesburg. Could you please tell me what you know?
We do have a list of recommended dealers who are accredited by the National Federation. You can find the link in the menu to the left. However, we do recommend a series of introductory lessons at your local club before committing to buy equipment. Your local club should be able to advise you on what equipment you need and the price range. There are a number of interesting articles which you can read from our resources page about buying equipment.

Could I please have a postal address and a contact number for the Archery Association? We would like to place it on our database.
All the details of the elected officials as well as the official address can be found on the contact us page

It seems that my outdoor league is inactive. I would like to submit an outdoor league
You are correct in so far that you need to be registered for the league before you can enter your ongoing scores. This is only required once a year and is done by contacting the leaugue officer who will activate the league for you

Can you please help me with information on how to start and register a club
Starting a club is easy and requires a minimum of three members, A constitution and A bank account in the name of the club. The club then needs to present this information along with the AGM minutes to the provincial body who will then consider your accreditation. You can find a template constitution as well as a number of additional aids that can be used in the formation of a club from our resources page on our website.

I would like to inquire about any archery lessons you might offer as well as the pricing involved in it.
The National Federation doesn't offer any lessons. Lessons are offered by the clubs who follow the Give-it-a-Go pathway program as well as the Feathers and Arrows development program. The costs for these lessons differ from club to club. You can find a club by clicking on the link in the menu to the left. Make contact with your provincial secretary or club secretary who will be able to give you further information.

I would like to know whether there are any clubs in the somerset west, strand, Gordons Bay, Grabouw or Stellenbosh areas ?
To find a list of clubs in your area click on me find a club link and click on the respective province where you will find a list of contact details.

I have 2 sons aged 11 and 16 that are interested in starting archery with their dad. Please can you help me with venues & contact details for the West Rand, Gauteng area.
Welcome. We love family groups and archery is a family sport. Simply click on the find a club icon followed by the province in which you live and details of the club secretary will be listed. Make contact with the club secretary who will give you all the details you need.

I shoot a compound bow and have been shooting for just over a year. i am interested to start competing and saw on the SANAA website that there is a provincial shoot coming up the 25th.
1.i have never competed in a archery competition, what do i need to do to be able to compete

Other than your equipment and lots of practice, you need very little. View the complete guide to competitors shooting available from the resources pages on our website.

2. if just want to go and be a spectator , what will be the cost.
We welcome spectators and there are no costs involved. We do have a spectator guide which is available from the resources page on our website

Will it be possible to e-mail me all the 2012 SA Archer magazines please?
Yes it is possible to e-mail the current and back issues of the SA Archer. You can also download back issues by logging into the members only area on our website and clicking on the SA Archer link. All enquiries regarding the magazine as well as contributions should be sent to The Editor

Hi I would like to request a letter stipulated that I wear a Sponsored Shirt on the national and local Indoor competitions.
For this you have to contact your sponsor. However please note that they are very strict rules regarding sponsorship all contained in rule book 1 and 2 of the World Federation rules.

I read the rules and regulations and it only stipulates that the clothing are blocked for international competitions.
That is not true as they are very strict requirements regarding sponsorship for details can be found in the World Archery rulebook.

Please help me to start a club that is registered at this school for the children as well as adults
Starting a club is easy and only requires a minimum of three members with their constitution and other bank account. See our guide on starting a club

I Have paid the full membership fees on 11th of Sept and sent the details several times now without any response. Could you please help or let me know if there are any problems with my application?
It could very well be that you had submitted your membership to more than one person resulting in the one assuming that the other has process the application. However it is more likely that your application was processed speedily but that they has been a delay in our Postal Service. You can confirm with your provincial secretary, who has access to the database, whether your membership has been processed. You can also check whether your application is in the process of being processed by clicking on the membership pending link.

Good day SANAA, if I join now will I have to pay a full annual fee and if my son is a member what would the fee be,
The membership fee is based on a sliding structure depending on the number of Family members who wish to join. In addition there is also a discount structure if you join in the latter part of the year. If you click on the members link you'll be able to view the current membership fee

i have joined the SANAA and my application is in,how do i know you have received it and what is your banking details so that i can pay in the annual subscription and what reference number do i put on the deposit slip.I need to participate on Sunday @the WP indoor champs and want to get a pin or award and cannot if i do not have proof of payment to SANAA
Your provincial secretary will be able to verify your membership. If you're a first-time member simply put your name on the deposit slip and we will be able to match the payments to your membership record. As long as you're a member in good standing by the time that the championships take place, you can earn your pin, even if you do not have proof of membership at the stage. You can also view your membership status like clicking on the members link.

I would like to know if it would be ok if I wear a golf shirt with my sponsors logos on to Sanaa competitions?
The clothing requirements of tournaments are contained within our constitution as well as in the World Archery Federation rules. In general, you can wear your club colours as well as your provincial colours. Check with your provincial secretary as to the requirements for the tournaments

I registered on the web site but were can I make a payment and what is the fees for the rest of the year?
Payment can be made directly into the SANAA bank account which is sent to you when you register online. The fees, which are determined by the SANAA Council, can be found by clicking on the members link.

Good day, I would like to find out what the requirements are to qualify for provincial and national colours
The provincial requirements are set by the province and members can only provincial colours when they represent the province at a national championships. Protea colours are awarded by the National Federation when you compete internationally and reach specific standards and meets specific requirements. The score requirements are only one part of being awarded Protea Colours and are displayed for your category when you log into the members only area. In addition you can find the qualifying scores and our constitution. National colors are awarded by SANAA after you have met specific requirements including score requirements. These requirements can also be found in our Constitution or on our Gold Squad pages.

Could you please be so kind as to forward me the provincial qualifying scores for both indoor and outdoor for North Guateng
The provincial scores are available from the province. You can find the national colours criteria from the Category menu..

Could you provide more details regarding Paralympic archery
We welcome enquiries for our para archery which is run by our para archery subcommittee. Please make contact with me committing by clicking on the contact us link

My 11-year-old son has expressed interest in learning more about the sport. Are there specific requirements and where can we get more information?
All you need do is find a club in your area by clicking on this link making contact with the club secretary and all the information you require Will be provided. We had some very interesting articles written by experience archers which can be found in our resources page

Hi, Please could you change my e-mail address
Is important that we have your current E-mail address on file as its the address we send all our reminders, bulletins and magazine to. You can change your e-mail address by logging into your members only area. If in doubt you can also send your change of address to

I am trying to establish what the olympic/national requirements is for the setup of a "standard" range including safety zones etc for an outside range.
World archery have provided A booklet on setting up an archery range which can be found in the downloads section of our website

I am in Port Elizabeth, I want to sell my Excalibur crossbow.
The National Federation does not recognise the crossbow as a bow or as a division within the sport

I managed to misplace my password and username somewhere in my grey matter...please could you assist in getting me logged in again?
The easiest way to find your username is to click on the link for that password and to follow the on-screen instructions

I have completely forgotten my Username and password! I need to change some details as my email currently registered online does not work anymore. I also need to confirm that I am paid up for 2013/14?
Sometimes you need to be practical if you have forgotten your username and password how do you expect anyone else to know your username and password? The best way to recover your password or your username is to click on the link that password and to follow the on-screen instructions. You require at least your e-mail address to recover your login information. All our passwords are encrypted and we cannot recover passwords, only issue new passwords.

I am unsure why my Nationals entry is still "pending"?
An entry is shown as pending if the payments has not yet been processed. Keep an eye out on me entry list page for any changes and wait until the final deadline. If it is still shown as pending we recommend that you contact the tournament organiser

I wanted to enquire regarding the opportunity to compete in the 10th World University Archery Championship. Can you tell me if a child, Grade 7 and 13 years old, at school is classified as a "Student at a recognized Institution"?
If you are referring to the University Games the institution must be registered with the USSA

I wanted to enquire regarding the opportunity to compete in the 10th World University Archery Championship. I'd be interested but I'd need more info like when in the year it would be, where etc.? also what needs to be done to qualify etc. etc.
All members who are registered as students of a university or higher educational institution who are members of USSA are eligible to compete. Details about the qualification are released at least nine months before the event in conjunction with the sports authority. Details are published on our website

We have 6 archers at work and was wondering if we could register as a club and what the prerequisites would be. Please could you furnish me with details.
It takes a minimum of three people to form a club. Registration with the provincial body is based on me provincial bodies constitution. If they club is registered with the provincial body, the club is automatically recognised by Sanaa. Full details of the formation of a club can be found on this link.

Can't register my son for this week-end, online - page takes all the data but when you submit it gives an error.
Take careful note of where the error appears. The error is normally highlighted in red and normally indicates that you have submitted incomplete or incorrect information. For example the telephone numbers should be 10 characters and the e-mail address must be a valid e-mail address. Once you have identified the error make the necessary corrections and resubmit the form.

Thank you for putting our scores onto the site, it is really helpful, but somewhere there is a loophole. Updates are being made and scores are posted on the website (members only) and it is incorrect.
If you feel that the scores are incorrect please contact the organising committee of the tournament who are responsible for the submission of the scores.

I want to know how I can be trained to teach Archery?
Sanaa makes it easy to be trained how to teach archery and has a formal program in place. Please contact our development officer or a registered coach in your area who will then be able to guide you through the process

I was wondering when we will see the scores for the North Gauteng Indoor on the 9th being reflected in our scores. I see the 8th appears only.
That depends on the organising committee who are responsible for the capturing of the schools

Can we register for an out of country World Archery tournament without Sanaa Sanction?
If you are a member of Sanaa you are entitled to compete in any World Federation sanctioned tournament. The rules regarding registration would be made by the hosting Country or committee. Normally providing proof of membership is sufficient, However we recommend that you contact the organising committee providing proof of membership which should allow me to compete. The rules regarding World Ranking international tournaments differ, and you would require Sanaa sanction.

As you know, in the latest issue of SA Archer, the qualification criteria for National Colours is outlined, with 5 scores being required by an archer in order to be considered for Colours. Do these scores have to be obtained at separate tournaments or, if I am shooting Double Fita rounds at a single tournament, will both of these rounds be considered as separate scores, for the purpose of awarding Colours? Thank you.
According to our constitution the scores need to be obtained in separate tournaments. In the case of a double round taking place the highest score is normally taken

Can you please add a link to the list of archers that entered for the nationals on the website as we had last year. Is there any plans to sent a team for international competistion?
If you login to your members only area you'll find a list of archers were entered for the tournament. We always have plans to send our athletes to complete at international events and these are formulated by the Sanaa Council at the annual congress

I applied for and see I was awarded the FITA 1000 pin in the May edition of the magazine. But it seems to have gone astray. Have spoken to Alfredo, but not sure if has made any progress either. Can you tell me if the pin was given to somebody to give to me.
When ever an application is made for a pin, the award is published in our monthly magazine the SA Archer. However how you order the pin normally determines how you will receive it. Make contact with the person with whom you arranged the order and follow up

I registered for membership and paid lastweek and would like to know if and how long do it take to get a login name and password.
The process normally takes just a few days and your card along with the accompanying letter welcoming you as a member is posted shortly thereafter. This letter contains your username and password.

Could you point me in the direction of a top coach in Johannesburg , my daughter has gone for a few lessons at zoo lake , but I think now needs someone to start giving her improved direction.
Our list of accredited coaches appears on our coaches page along with their contact details.

i need to pay for some pins etc but not sure which account to use Can you please send me the account details
Sanaa only has one bank account, The details of which I e-mailed to you whenever making any type of commitment. You can also query the account details with the treasurer at

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