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Wednesday 10 October 2018 - 10:01:54

Looking at the international calendar for WA events in 2019– SANAA is looking at possibly sending fully qualified teams to the following events:

Stage 1 - World Cup 06 > 12 May Shanghai (CHN)
Para World Championships 3 > 9 June Hertogenbosch (NED)
Senior World Championships 10 > 16 June Hertogenbosch (NED)
Junior World Championship August Madrid (ESP)

*** We are also trying to find an event for Para archers to attend prior to the world championships

There is no guarantee that we will have sufficient funding for fully funded or even partially funded teams.

So that being said the cut off dates for selection and the period during which the scores will count will be as follows: (the month of December has been included as this is the holiday period as well)

Event Cutt off date Scoring period
Stage 1 - World Cup 1 April 2019 10 Oct 2018 > 1 Apr 2019
Para World Championships 15 April 2019 10 Oct 2018 > 15 Apr 2019
Senior World Championships 15 April 2019 10 Oct 2018 > 15 Apr 2019
Junior World Championship 31 May 2019 1 Nov 2018 > 31 May 2019

The archers who qualify for Stage 1 or for a para event prior to the worlds will also be the team that goes to the respective world championships.

Should there be more than 3 candidates in any one category trials will be held a s a p after the cut off date. There will not be archers included in the above events if they have not met the qualification criteria.
Qualification for selection criteria is as per the Gold Squad Policy document with the average scores for the 720 round. The scores below are an average score over 4 tournaments during a rolling 6 month period

Outdoor Events 720 Eliminations
Recurve men 640 } Must have participated in at least
Recurve women 630 } 2 elimination matches in the 6 month
Compound Men: 697 } period – in line with the calendar
Compound Women: 680 } should only the seeding round be
Junior Recurve archers: 620 } shot at a tournament where there is
Junior Compound Archers: 685 } an elimination format – the seeding
Compound Open – Men + Women 665 } score will not count toward the
Cadet Compound Men 675 } average
Cadet Compound Women 660
Cadet Recurve Archers 620
W1 600
Recurve Men Open 580

Eligibility for selection is open to those archers who have:
  1. Submitted a minimum of 4 scores in the relevant 6 months period
  2. Participated in a minimum of 2 elimination matches in the relevant 6 months period
  3. Have obtained or exceeded the required average score for the respective category.
  4. Are a member in good standing of the SANAA
  5. Are a South African citizen
  6. Have no adverse drug test or outstanding sanction against them
  7. Have been classified to participate in the respective paraplegic category.
  8. Are eligible to compete for South Africa according to World Archery Rules
  9. Participated in the 2019 National Outdoor Championships

2019 is the year for securing a slot for both the Para and Able bodied Olympics – so our first shot at doing this is at the relevant world championships – if it is achieved at these events – there is no issue with SASCOC having to be begged for us to be allowed to qualify via the continent. It is therefore important that we look at getting as big a pool of archers – particularly recurve - as possible to choose a team from.

We are currently at a stage where we have cadets as well as junior recurve archers who could make the senior team and in the case of the cadet’s who shoot at 60 meters there are just not sufficient tournaments for them to qualify for both the senior and cadet teams in the period listed above. A suggestion has been made that our cadet men and women, be allowed to compete at 70 meters, and the scores shot at this distance are taken into account for the cadet category but with a slightly lower score requirement. This suggestion will be investigated thoroughly and proposal put forward to the executive shortly. In order for them to be eligible for selection for the senior event, they will have to meet the average score criteria of 640.

If you are wanting to be eligible for selection you will need to ensure that you have sufficient scores within the above periods and that you meet the minimum average score requirements.

For more information please contact the SANAA Secretary

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