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Tournament Entries: North Gauteng IFAA Indoor Championships 5 & 6 April 2019
Counter Name Surname Category Session Confirmed
1AnnikaBeckerCFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter Unlimited3Yes
2DanicaBishopCFFU - Cub Girls Freestyle Unlimited5Yes
3MichaelBothaVMFS-R - Veteran Male Free Style Recurve5Yes
4Rohben StephanBothaCMBU (P) - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited - Pikkies under 9 Years3Yes
5AartBroekhuizenCMFU - Cub Boys Freestyle UnlimitedNo
6AmeijBroekhuizenJFFU - Junior Female Freestyle UnlimitedNo
7Mathilda BroekhuizenAFBU - Adult Female Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
8MayaBroekhuizenJFBU - Junior Female Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
9AartBroekhuizenAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
10DirkBruynseAMBH-R - Adult Male Bowhunter Recurve4Yes
11NeelsCloeteJMFU - Junior Male Freestyle Unlimited5Yes
12EmilCoetzerCMBU - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited3Yes
13AnsuneDe WitCFFU - Cub Girls Freestyle UnlimitedNo
14ThomasEndrody-youngaVMBH-R - Veteran Male Bowhunter Recurve4Yes
15JacquesFerreiraCMBU - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
16PeterFerreiraCMBU (P) - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited - Pikkies under 9 Years5Yes
17RubenGilfillanCMBU - Cub Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
18Alistair George BruceGordonAMBB-R - Adult Male Bare Bow Recurve3No
19Sarah-paigeGreenwoodJFBU - Junior Female Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
20HenkHarmseAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
21HeindrichHarmseJMFU - Junior Male Freestyle UnlimitedNo
22LoganHaytreadCMBU (P) - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited - Pikkies under 9 YearsNo
23DaleHaytreadAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
24DalmaeHaytreadCFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
25Christelle MonikaHeunisCFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
26Dawid BaruchHeunisCMBU - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
27MoniqueHowseAFFS-R - Adult Female Free Style Recurve5Yes
28MoniqueHowseAFFS-R - Adult Female Free Style RecurveNo
29MoosaKajeeCMFU - Cub Boys Freestyle Unlimited1Yes
30JohanKnoetzeAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
31LisaKrugerCFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter Unlimited3Yes
32Janike Kruyshaar CFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
33HenningLombaardAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle UnlimitedNo
34EsmeraldaLourens AFFU - Adult Female Freestyle UnlimitedNo
35OliviaLubbeJFFU - Junior Female Freestyle Unlimited4Yes
36MarkLynchVMFS-R - Veteran Male Free Style Recurve5Yes
37LourensNelVMBU - Veteran Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
38GarethOchseAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited5Yes
39KiaraOconnellAFFS-R - Adult Female Free Style RecurveNo
40AlexandraPollyCFTR - Cub Female Traditional Recurve4Yes
41MadelynPrinslooAFBB-R - Adult Female Bare Bow RecurveNo
42MariusRenckenAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
43BenjaminRoosJMBU - Junior Male Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
44JordanRoosCMBU (P) - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited - Pikkies under 9 Years5Yes
45AmeliRoosCFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
46DawieRothmannAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle UnlimitedNo
47DanieSchoemanAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited3Yes
48ElizeSchoemanAFFU - Adult Female Freestyle Unlimited3Yes
49Francois JnrScholtzCMFU (P) - Cub Boys Freestyle Unlimited - Pikkies under 9 Years5Yes
50ByronScottJMFS-R - Junior Male Free Style Recurve4Yes
51RichardSheahanAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
52CraigSmithCMBB-C - Cub Boys Bare Bow Compound3Yes
53CayleySmithJFBU - Junior Female Bowhunter Unlimited4Yes
54MandiTheronAFFS-R - Adult Female Free Style Recurve4Yes
55AlessioTommasiCMFS-R - Cub Boys Free Style Recurve4Yes
56RynhardtVan Der MerweJMFU - Junior Male Freestyle UnlimitedNo
57PierreVan Der MerweAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle UnlimitedNo
58KayleeVan Der SandtCFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
59JadeyVan Der SandtCFBU - Cub Female Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
60John Van Der SandtAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
61RudolfVan Der VeenAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited3Yes
62SkylahVan Der VeenJFFU - Junior Female Freestyle Unlimited3Yes
63VernoVan Der Westhuizen CMBU - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited3Yes
64FerdiVan EedenAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited4Yes
65CharlVan HeyningenJMBU - Junior Male Bowhunter UnlimitedNo
66GunterVan ZylAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle UnlimitedNo
67CobusVenterAMLB - Adult Male Long BowNo
68HendreVerhoefCMFU - Cub Boys Freestyle UnlimitedNo
69HenkVerhoefAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle UnlimitedNo
70NathanVermaaktCMBU - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
71Eddie Ward SMBU - Senior Male Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
72AjWillemseJMBU - Junior Male Bowhunter Unlimited5Yes
73AgnitaWorstAFFU - Adult Female Freestyle UnlimitedNo

The North Gauteng Indoor Archery Championships will start on Friday 5 April 2019


Ultimate Aim Sport Arena
622 Breedt Street



  • Only 120 spaces available
  • Please be at least one hour before scoring arrows at the venue.
  • Bow inspections will be done during the competition
  • Scoring arrows will start at indicated times.

 Session Details

  Date Registration Practise Scoring Status
Session 1 5 April 2019 15:00 15:30 15:45  
Session 2 5 April 2019 18:00 18:30  18:45 
Session 3 6 April 2019 08:00 08:30 08:45  
Session 4 6 April 2019 11:00 11:30 11:45  
 Session 5 6 April 2019 14:00 14:30 14:45  

Medal Ceremony

Will be on Saturday after the last Session is completed.

Please ensure you are at least 1 hour before the scoring arrows at the venue. Archers will be able to Refreshments and Snacks throughout the tournament.


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