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Tournament Entries: South African National Field Archery Championships 2019 (SANFAC) 22, 23 en 24 March 2019
Counter Name Surname Category Days Competing Which days Confirmed
1AltusAucampYAMFU - Young Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
2PwBotesAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited1No
3GerhardByliefeldtAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
4Dane ByliefeldtAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited1No
5RwFurstenburgJMBU - Junior Male Bowhunter Unlimited1No
6Dawid BaruchHeunisCMBU - Cub Male Bowhunter Unlimited1No
7CanellJacksonJFBU - Junior Female Bowhunter Unlimited1No
8MarkoJansen Van VuurenAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited1No
9GuntherKramerSMFU - Senior Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
10Benita Ludike AFFU - Adult Female Freestyle Unlimited1No
11HeinrichLudikeAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
12HeinrichLudikeAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
13LourensNelVMBU - Veteran Male Bowhunter Unlimited1Yes
14BenOosthuizenCMFS-R - Cub Boys Free Style Recurve1Yes
15SephOosthuizenAMBU - Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited1No
16PierreVan Der MerweAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
17RynhardtVan Der MerweJMFU - Junior Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
18SkylahVan Der VeenJFFU - Junior Female Freestyle Unlimited1No
19RudolfVan Der VeenAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
20CharlVan HeyningenJMBU - Junior Male Bowhunter Unlimited1No
21SakkieVd BankVMFU - Veteran Male Freestyle Unlimited1No
22HenkVerhoefAMFU - Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited1Yes
23HendreVerhoefCMFU - Cub Boys Freestyle Unlimited1Yes

The IFAA - South African National Field Archery Championships (SANFAC) 2019 will take place on 22, 23 and 24 March 2019 at Klippan Archery Range, Arnot, Mpumalanga

  • 22 March - Field Round
  • 23 March - Hunter Round
  • 24 March - Animal Round

Registration at event

Fri and Sat, 22 and 23 March

  • Start at 07:30 to 08:30
  • First scoring arrows at 09:00


Sun, 24 March

  • Start at 06:00 to 07:00
  • First scoring arrows at 07:30

Banking Details:

Bank Name Nedbank
Account Name SANAA - IFAA
Account Number 1686067674
Branch Code 168642
Account Type Cheque
Proof Send proof to

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