Active Provincial IFAA Competitions.
IFAA South Africa

IFAA Indoor Discipline Competitions.

Limpopo and Bushveld Championship 2018 [2 to 4 August 2019]*
Advert:- Limpopo and Bushveld Championship 2018
IFAA Standard Indoor Round
Venue Details:- EILAND SPA - LIMPOPO
Limpopo and Bushveld Championship 2018 do not have online registrations. See details.

* Competition dates. Note:- Indoor competitions can be held on a specific day or being conducted over 2 or 3 days with only one participation by an archer in a specific shooting style and only one score will be considered per shooting style. Nationals will be the exception.

IFAA Field Discipline Competitions.

No Field Competitions currently available for registration

* Competition dates. Note:- Most Field competitions are held over two days. One day will be a Field Round and the other a Hunter Round. When registering select which day(s) you will participate.

IFAA 3D Discipline Competitions.

SANAA 3D Arhcery Winter Championships [27 & 28 July 2019]*
Advert:- SANAA 3D Arhcery Winter Championships
IFAA 3D (28 Target Round)
Online Registration

* Competition dates. Note:- All 3D competitions are a one day event. In special circumstances it might be over two days for example Nationals.

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